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The Last Romantics

Author: Tara Conklin

5 – breathtaking- stars

I was almost in tears when this book ended.

My heart was *shredded*. My chest ached. I yearned to go back in time, to resurrect these people, this family.

I made some friends tonight.
No, I became part of a family. A family named the Skinners…

Noni. Renee. Caroline. Joe. Fiona.

A family torn apart by tragedy.
A mother collapses.
Children survive scathed but not broken.

Love is found and love is lost.
Love meets expectations and love defines new ones.
Love demands, takes, robs but love gives, triumphs, heals, protects.
This is a story of love.
Not a romantic love.
But a story of a love nonetheless.

“I was wrong to tell you that this is a story about the failures of love. No, it is about real love, true love. Imperfect, wretched, weak love. No fairytales, no poetry. It is about the negotiations we undertake with ourselves in the name of love. Every day we struggle to decide what to give away and what to keep, but every day we make that calculation and we live with the results. This then is the true lesson: there is nothing romantic about love. Only the most naïve believe it will save them. Only the hardiest of us will survive it.”


Ps: I’m still almost in tears. This one will stay with me for a long, long time…
5 beautiful stars.
Read this book.

👏🏻 HUGE thank you to: 👏🏻
 @taraconklinauthor for writing this beautiful book
 @williammorrowbooks @harpercollinsus and @goodreads for this advanced readers copy

Picture Credit: @momssanity

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