A little about me? Well, let’s see…

First off, some of you may already know me as The Nashville Wife. This is the sister blog for all the books because – well – I just love books so much! They deserved their own site. 😉

+ + +

As for me and my family, here’s a little about us!

+ I have an amazing husband, Eric Barfield. He’s a professional touring musician and session musician here in Nashville. He plays keys and is one of the best!

+ I have an incredibly wonderful little boy, Jackson. He’s the light of my life and makes me one happy momma.

+ I also have two gorgeous Siberian Huskies, Willow and Coda. They’re my sweet pups and they love to lounge around with me as I read all the books.

+ + +

Please feel free to introduce yourself as I’m SURE if you’re here, we’ll be seeing a bit of each other, yeah?

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